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Theres Konrad

The first semester in the transformation::spaces was an exciting one!
Several student initiatives have started to co-work here and develop their projects further. Seminars developed concepts for space and community development. You could come here for coaching and learning.
YOU have filled these spaces with life! (Some impressions here:
Let´s continue doing so by meeting on Wednesday for an informal exchange about ideas and establish a roadmap to the transformation::spaces 2.0!

After a semester of theoretical work, your hands and hearts are crying for actual action? Then let´s see what we can bring to the ground together within the next months! Please tick all Wednesdays you intend to attend. Looking forward to realizing ideas!

Transformation::Spaces for future-oriented learning (C25)
Appointment selection: 
February 2023
Wed. 1Wed. 8Wed. 15
13 participants16:30->18:0016:30->18:0016:30->18:00
Theres KonradYesYesYes
Annette SchöneckYesYesYes
Ole BröringYesNoNo
Torben SchmidtNoYesNo
Alexander CaspariYesYesYes
Max SchwendemannNoNoYes
Svenja RehwinkelNoNoNo
Nicolas MeierYesYesYes
Aslihan KuruNoYesYes
Josephine ChristelNoYesYes
Sofia SieringNoYesNo
Niklas KnabeNoYesYes
Imane FedanNoYesYes

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