CAREER CENTER Workshop: Pitch Training

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Scientific Talent and Career Development Team

This workshop is an initiative of Young Entrepreneurs in Science (YES) in cooperation with the Helmholtz Munich Career Center.

During this Pitch Training, you will …

...get to know the key factors of a successful pitch
...develop your own pitch with a convincing storyline
...practice your presentation skills in front of an audience
...receive individual feedback to improve your pitch
...receive a professional estimation of the potential of your research for business application or third party funding

Your Benefit:

You will become familiar and confident to pitch your research in a capturing and convincing way and thus will benefit for all kinds of future presentations, research discussions and interview processes. Furthermore, you will gain clarity regarding the potential use and development of your research in the context of business application or the pursuit of an academic path.

The places for the seminar are limited - first come, first served. Please mind our Cancellation Policy (
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
Career Center for HMGU Postdocs & Doctoral Researchers

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on-site, Campus Neuherberg
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Versteckte UmfrageJuli 2023
Mi. 5
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